What Our Clients Are Saying

I was in a very bad boating accident and needed daily Physical Therapy, with Niki, for about six months.  She is a fantastic Physical Therapist!  Niki uses multiple methods to aid in the healing process including tissue massage and physical exercise, with machines or weights.  She also helped me deal with the emotional issues of getting through the accident and fears throughout the healing process.  She uses a perfect balance of kindness, understanding, and pushing you through the pain to work your hardest to get the best results.  Niki inspired me with her passion to become a Physical Therapist so that I could help people in the same way she helped me.
-Ariel G.
Koop Physical Therapy has been a wonderful experience.  Niki and Gary are very friendly and caring!  I would recommend coming here for your Physical Therapy needs.
-Angela B.
For two years I suffered from intense pain in my hip and leg.  I had physical therapy sessions three different times, in another facility, and the pain never did go away.  Niki and her staff found where the pain originated and targeted those areas with manual therapy, home exercise and changes in posture.  They made modifications to my walking and standing posture, as well as sitting.  Everyone at Koop Physical Therapy is patient, friendly, and encouraging. I would highly recommend Koop Physical Therapy.  Actually, I already have to many of my friends.  You have nothing to lose, just the pain.
-Marti I.
It was a wonderful experience.  All of the staff has been very helpful and a real pleasure to work with.
-Melissa B.
Niki was great! She taught me to modify the way I move my arm and it works wonders at work. Thanks.
-Christopher G.
Great staff and positive attitudes made therapy fun.
-Karren D.
Compassionate and caring.  Knowledgeable treatments and guidance that led to rapid improvement in my walking.
-Charles H.
I have had a wonderful experience working with Niki and Gary at KOOP Physical Therapy.  They helped me push through when I was feeling like I was never going to get better.  We pushed through and now I am felling so much better! Thank You!
-Rebecca K.
Treatment was effective and delivered in a caring and professional way.  Progress was made with each visit.  I would recommend Koop Physical Therapy to anyone!
-Nancy T.
Thanks for the encouragement and gentle pushing to do the work necessary to heal as fast as possible.  I appreciate how clean the facility always is, the positive friendly attitudes of all of you, and the monitoring to make sure I was doing everything right so it would heal properly.
-Suzanne H.
I highly recommend Koop Physical Therapy.  I visited other physical therapists, but had little improvement.  I tried surgery and again had little improvement.  Finally I tried Koop Physical Therapy and solved my issue.  The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. 
-Christina C.
I have come a long way since July. The fact that I have a screw in my toe will always present some limitations, but overall I can bend my toes, Swelling has Left, and I no longer limp when I Walk.  I can live normally.  I take with me the knowledge of what I need to do at home to work towards my 100% recovery.   Many thanks to Koop Physical Therapy.
-Beverly T.
I would recommend Koop Physical Therapy over any of the other therapy clinics I have been to in the area.  Unlike most other clinics the one -on-one therapeutic manipulation was a part of every session.
-Any H.
This is my second time to be treated by Koop Physical Therapy.  Both times the service and attention to the individual were awesome.  Plus Niki, Billie and Gary are great people.  Whatever your need, they can help!
-Tommy L.
When you think it's not gonna get any better, Therapy starts working. You do get better and you get your quality of life back.
-Glen S.
Koop Physical Therapy is an excellent program. The therapists are very knowledgeable and professional.  They are very attentive to you needs and are very efficient.
-Regina J.
What a difference!  I Feel Great.  The tools and exercises given to me will be vital to staying pain free. Love Koop Physical Therapy!
-Loren S.
Thank you for not only your wonderful knowledge and help, but for you kindness from everyone in the office staff!
-Lori C.
Niki, Billie, & Gary were Awesome!  Total hip replacement 7 weeks ago and have just about returned to full status.  I will continue my program at home per their instructions.
-Gloria T.
This place is a God send.  I was in so much pain it hurt to walk and I am now pain free.  Thanks Billie for your pushing me on.
-Patricia P.
Koop PT is the bomb!  I will never trust my rehab to anyone else!  Billie has been the best, most personable and caring PT to me and I am even sad to be done!  I am so impressed with the whole staff by the end they felt like family.  Gary, Billie, and Niki - Thank you all for being "hard" on us so that our healing is complete and thank you for really caring about each patient.
-Patricia A.
Very professional service and therapy.  Highly recommend Niki Koop and Staff.
- Ed H.
Niki Inspires, encourages, and challenges her patients to take bold steps to improve their well-being.  Her passion and dedication are remarkable.
-Catherine B.
I cannot thank you all enough.  I feel 100% better because of the help you have provided.  I appreciate all the knowledge you have given me.
-Jodie H.
Caring, wonderful staff.  Feels like family!
-Belenda O.
Best physical therapy I have received in the Austin Area.  Gary and Niki are the best.
-Andrea B.
I have dealt with groin pain for over ten years.  After a few months of therapy I am happily pain free!!  "The gang" at Koop Physical Therapy (Niki, Billie, Gary, & Cynthia) not only heal the body but the soul as well.  I will miss them all.
-Caye H.
Koop Physical Therapy is awesome.  I will never use any place else (myself or my family).  Thank you Niki, Billie, & Gary.  Y'all are the best!
-Donna R.
Every time I went in for my physical therapy, the entire staff was wonderful to work with.  I love the atmosphere here at Koop Physical Therapy.  I would recommend Koop PT to anyone needing Physical therapy.
-Ronnie K.
I appreciate the friendly atmosphere.  The staff is very knowledgeable and can answer any question about what is causing the pain and offer many suggestions to help alleviate it outside of therapy.  Thank you so much.
-Joan W.
Niki and her staff are great.  I received excellent personalized care at Koop PT that has helped decrease my pain and (hopefully) prevent future injury.  Best of all they are always smiling and genuinely care about their patients.  I highly recommend Koop PT to anyone who needs physical Therapy.
-Megan S.
Niki and Gary are Excellent!  Their patience is never-ending.  They have helped me go from non-functioning to able to do most everything I need to do.  I am very thankful and pleased with their care.
-Gail C.
Koop Physical Therapy is a very excellent practice.  Niki and Gary are very knowledgeable and professional.  Great healing going on there.
-Jeremy S.
Koop Physical therapy cares and works to achieve returning to the activities of daily living.  Worked with my schedule and understands life goes on with a good routine and habit changes.  Thank you for caring!
-Revis S.
Thank you Niki, Gary, & Billie!  You kept physical therapy fun and the ankle strength, pain, and function steadily improving.  I would highly recommend you to family and friends due to your professionalism and friendliness. You are the Best.
-Robert S.
Koop Physical Therapy is far surpasses any PT I’ve ever had.  Good, positive, motivational methods of getting your life back.
-Veronic C.
My first time at physical therapy and I didn't know what to expect.  I can't thank Niki, Billie, & Gary Enough.
-Robert C.
Niki & Gary are outstanding!  Very Pleasant & knowledgeable about my treatment.  I am very pleased to have known them.  You guys rock!
-Louis V.
Niki’s Clinic is one of the most caring and personable facilities I have attended. Niki and her Staff (Billie & Gary) are conscientious in assuring that my tasks are correctly accomplished in a patient manner. Thank You.
-Tony F.
I highly recommend Koop Physical Therapy. When I first came I could barely walk.  I can now walk about a mile.
-Sharon M.
Great facility and staff.  Very knowledgeable and kind.
-Jason N.
They really put me on a program that took a month off my expected recovery time.  Thank you Dr. Koop.
-Mike G.
I have had bursitis in my hips for probably 5 years, maybe more.  Koop Physical Therapy has successfully helped me to get rid of the pain.  They have also helped my balance and taught me the correct way to walk.  When I am at Koop Physical Therapy I feel comfortable and welcome.  The atmosphere there is like a loving family focused on helping the patient.
-Julie C.
Niki is wonderful at what she does.  Her experience and attention to every detail makes a huge difference in providing therapeutic healing. Koop Physical Therapy is a true blessing.
-Cynthia M.
I have had physical therapy at two other physical therapists and have had much better therapy at Koop Physical Therapy.  I received excellent care and exercises. I would recommend Koop Physical Therapy.
-Mossy M.
Thanks to everyone for your help and your great spirit. I would recommend you to anyone who needs PT. God Bless You All.
-Karen E.
Wonderful environment; you’ll always be greeted with a smiling face & people who care ready to help you.
-Melissa B.
Thank you so much! I highly recommend Koop Physical Therapy.
-Robert W.
Dr. Koop and Gary are fantastic! I Recommend Koop PT Whole Heartedly.
-Michael M.
Koop Physical Therapy provided therapy that got my knee replacement easy to use in walking. Therapy took pain away from the back of my knee when straitening. Niki & Gary took good care of me.
-Marlene D.
Very impressed with the organization (getting necessary items for home exercise) and explaining the process as far as exercising and the program.
-Tommie M.
I have been very pleased with the care, Attention, & Therapy. The staff is outstanding. I have and will recommend Koop Physical Therapy and will be back if I need therapy again.
-Kay D.
If you’re in need of PT, Koop Pt is a great friendly place to go. They are all looking out for you. Not fancy, but very practical and effective.
-Dean C.
Love, Love, Love the staff. Love the one on one help, interaction & explanation. Will miss you guys.
-Davelyn M.
Koop PT was awesome with working through the sources of pain and offered several alternatives to find a permanent solution. Very easy to work with and caring for each client.
-Gene H.
Attention is always what I received every time I come in for a session. Attention to my pain, location of pain, and Niki makes sure to address every aspect of my pain & monitors my progress. Excellent care every time! Highly recommend.
-Eva V.
Dry Needling changed my body. My shoulder went from very limited range of motion to almost full after one treatment! I t was incredible and the results are instant. I would definitely recommend it.
-Alexis W.
Thank you! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
-Tammie M.
Koop PT has a great attitude & methods for those wanting to regain mobility & function.
-Veronica C.
Great people and always made sure I didn’t overdo it.
-Mirna J.
After eight weeks of therapy the results fluctuated, I didn’t see major improvement. But then I had the dry needling and had immediate improvement and now I am virtually pain free.
-Carolyn C.
Koop Physical Therapy is the best! Great people, great therapy, convenient to my home, flexible appointment times!
-Laurie K.
Everyone is very helpful and answered my questions. Good therapy with no significant pain.
-Erwin T.
This is my second time coming to Koop (two ankle surgeries). Both times I have been more than satisfied with the results. Excellent customer service! Highly recommend!
-Jennifer B.
I learned a lot of better ways to do things so I don’t strain my back. I learned some very effective ways to manage knots and sore areas of my back through home exercises/stretches and other adaptive equipment. Many of the home pain relieving equipment require simple inexpensive items I had around the house, like a tennis ball, sock, and heating pad. Niki and her staff are great! I learned so much about my back and better posture!
-Valery B.
Niki and her staff are fabulous. I highly recommend Koop Physical Therapy to everyone who is in need of Physical Therapy.
-Lauren M.
We have truly enjoyed getting to know the staff. Niki is very helpful and patient. She always took time to answer any questions we had. We had a great experience at Koop Physical Therapy.
-Kailey T.
You helped me from day one. Great advice and you planned the perfect routine to help me get better. I like your compassion towards everyone!
-Bonnie C.
Niki, Billie, and Gary are compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable. Will Certainly recommend to others and return for any therapy needs.
-Elaine C.
Great professional therapy. Niki & Gary both care about helping patients and make me feel at home.
-Julie C.
My sincere thanks and appreciations to Niki and staff at Koop for guiding me back to my 100%.
-Diana F.
I had an outstanding experience with Koop. This was my first experience with Physical Therapy and I didn’t suffer any of the torture I’d heard about from others! First rate staff. Highly recommend!
-Steven S.
Everyone is most professional and helpful. Always on Time! Recommend Koop Physical Therapy highly!
-Susan T.
Loved the result of needling! Good homework assignments. Great Staff! I have referred Niki.
-Priscilla S.
Koop PT is Amazing. Everyone here is friendly and the compassion for each patient is felt and appreciated.
-Karen T.
Koop Physical Therapy has helped me so much with the rehabilitation of my shoulder. They are caring and helpful.
-Sharon C.
It’s been a wonderful experience despite the circumstance of being injured. I really appreciate the detailed care & patience of the knowledgeable staff. I would definitely recommend Koop Physical Therapy.
-Ashley D.
Second time coming in for treatment and I love y'all. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for physical therapy. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
-Katie B.
This is the best physical therapy I have ever received.
-Lois D.
Everyone at Koop Physical Therapy is Fantastic, from Gary at the front desk who manages appointments and Billing, to Billie, the most awesome and knowledgeable PTA with magic hands, and of course, Niki, the guru of all PT’S. They are caring and take the time to explain everything and encourage you.
-Evelyn A.
I send all of my friends here who need positive physical therapy.
-Veronica C.
I felt better on day one. The treatment plan was effective. Niki is a true professional. I would recommend the facility to anyone needing effective physical therapy.
-George S.
This is the 3rd time I have gotten hurt. Each time completely healed. Niki and Billie are extreamly kind and helpful. I would recommend to everyone. They are very professional and caring. They are great and Gary too. Thanks to all of you. You all are God sends. I never thought my pain and limping would go away, but it did.
-Ruby G.
Koop PT is the place where therapists come to rehab. Excellent holistic approach to treatment!
-Sharon D.
Excellent Staff. Knows how to adjust to needs. Knowledgeable!
-Thomas H.
Considering that I could barely walk at the beginning of PT- I can now dance, walk and fell comfortable with life.
-Karen K.
I am going to miss being pampered, but I am so glad I have made a complete recovery.
-Richard L.
Very Friendly and Helpful. Physical Therapy has improved my life and relieved my pain. Niki is very good and has healed my knee & Pain. Thank You.
-Ruby G.

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